3 Health Benefits of Flavored Nutritional Yeast

Whether you're a vegan looking for a source of Vitamin B-12, a vegetarian looking for more protein, a flexitarian in need of a non-cheese or meat like flavored ingredient or just curious about trending foods; there is no day like the present to give flavored nutritional yeast a try! These seasoning blends are delicious, multi-purpose and have tons of health benefits too.  

Here are three reasons to add this seasoning to your shopping cart today!

Vitamin B-12/ No Meat Needed


Since most sources of B-12 tend to come from red meat, animal products, sardines and tuna, the vegan and vegetarian community can gladly welcome flavored nutritional yeast!  Flavored Nutritional Yeast can come in meat like flavors to assist with any flavor profiles you're seeking while also helping with your daily dose of vitamin B-12; which is responsible for regulating your nervous system, maintaining your digestive system, increasing energy, and protecting against breast, colon and stomach cancer. 





Since nutritional yeast has no added sugars. It falls low on the glycemic scale. Of the carbohydrates it does have, the majority are fiber, which means you will avoid the dreaded crash that comes from eating high-glycemic foods like pasta. Eating low sugar foods is helpful for those of us watching our waistlines and diabetics. 



Just one tablespoon of nutritional yeast provides a 5grams of protein. Since protein fuels your muscles, provides energy, and is useful for healthy skin, hair, eyes and muscles. Its important to get enough of this nutrient each day. Simply flip the lid and sprinkle these delicious seasonings on just about any recipe. 


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