Nutritional Yeast Benefits| 3 Reasons Why Its Addicting

1) Vitamin B12 & Abundance Of Minerals

  Nutritional yeast has an abundance of minerals, fiber and protein, and is a superfood that makes a valuable addition to your healthy eating arsenal. The yellow flaked condiment has a long history of use and has even been known to help prevent the common cold.


2) Variety of Flavors

Nutritional Yeast has different flavors to suit every palate. The natural umami taste of flavored nutritional yeast can be used to enhance the flavor of any meal in 5 seconds or less. Flavored nutritional  yeast can be used as an alternative to chicken bouillon cubes, powder or any recipe that calls for a savory flavor without ingesting msg, high levels of sodium or other nasties. For the average cook, simply sprinkling some flavored nutritional yeast on a meal can turn it into a mouth watering dream!


3) Versatility

     Nutritional Yeast is a very versatile condiment; it works with nearly any type of diet or eating style. The yellow flaked powerhouse is naturally low in sodium, calories, gluten-free and vegan. Nutritional yeast is a  highly nutritious vegan food product, with the potential health benefits and flavor that are out of this world! 


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