Can I Use Smile Blends On Just About Anything?
Absolutely! These blends are designed to enhance the flavor of just about anything; while providing powerful flavors & nutrition we all deserve. These blends work great on Veges, Protein Dishes, Pastas, Sauces, Soups, Stews, Dips, Snacks even Smoothies and Desserts.

Do you have any Preservatives, Anti-Caking Agents or MSG in your blends?
Our blends does not contain MSG, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or anti-caking agents. Our products are designed using simple plant-based ingredients only.

Do I have To Be A Vegan To Enjoy This Product?
Absolutely Not! Although our nutritional yeast products are all plant based. They can be used and enjoyed by everyone.

Are These Blends A Better Alternative To Traditional Seasoning Blends such as Chicken Bouillon and many others?
Absolutely! Smile blends uses only natural plant-based ingredients. In addition to that, all of our products are low in sodium, has a wide array of b-complex vitamins, 1gram of plant-based protein per serving, great flavor, and does not provide a risk of sodium overload which can be harmful to many people.

Does Your Products Contain Any Animal Ingredients?
Absolutely Not! All ingredients in our products are 100 percent plant based.

Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes we do! We will ship up to 170 Countries Worldwide.