The Journey


My name is Theo Edwards and my story began when I moved to New Jersey in the summer of 2016. After a routine check-up at the doctor; I was informed that my blood pressure was slightly elevated and was promptly warned by my doctor to seriously reduce my salt consumption. Dumbfounded with the information and somewhat shocked with the disbelief, I thought I was eating healthy and doing the right things. 

However, I set out to investigate how much sodium I was consuming. After investigating, the achilles heel was uncovered, a very high level of sodium is found in many commercial seasoning blends, bouillon cubes and processed foods.

The Dream & Mission


I embarked on a mission to create new varieties of seasoning blends that were not only nutritious, plant based, free from artificial ingredients but also has delicious flavors that can enhance the flavor of just about anything. I dreamt up my own unique flavors using nutritional yeast and decided that no one should ever have to worry again if their seasoning blend has too much sodium, too much chemicals, too much this or too much that. Seasoning blends, snacks, bouillon cubes and our favorite foods should be exciting, fun, healthy and only utilize simple plant based ingredients.

" Our mission is to replace high sodium animal based seasoning blends, bouillon cubes and processed foods with delicious healthier plant based alternatives using simple ingredients."